Collaboration App

BlueFlock is a 'smartphone first' Task Collaboration Application

From ideas to tasks to conquering business goals, BlueFlock is a first of its kind ‘mobile Task Collaboration’ application.It gives you an unified workspace to convert all your plans, communications and messaging into goal oriented tasks and empower your teams and you with powerful Task Management tools to conquer your goals, effectively, in time and much faster.

Mobile First

Task Collaboration Application

Unified Team

Collaboration Workspace

Mobile Project

Status Management

Secure Private

Cloud Access

Realtime Decision

Support System

Powerful Search &

Retrieval System

Experience the power of true mobile collaboration

Connect, Collaborate & Conquer

BlueFlock works on all your other devices too.

Teams, Tasks and Goals

Always stay connected
with your Teams, Tasks and Goals !

Boost up your team performance with BlueFlock Business

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